Friday Photo: Great Sand Dunes National Park

You’ll never guess where this is. Go on, give it a shot. Hint 1: These are tallest sand dunes in North America, as you can probably tell by that tiny little solemn backpacker in the corner of the photo. Hint 2: This is in the US. Hint 3: There is no ocean nearby.

Give up? It’s Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. The National Park Service describes it as “dunes among diversity,” which is a really apt description. If you face one way, the scene looks like the middle of the Sahara. If you face another way, you can see lush green mountains everywhere. Despite being such an interesting and strange place, the park isn’t that well-known. It’s kind of quietly amazing. Watch out for the wind, though. All of these peaks and valleys you see in the foreground are pure sand. You will be washing it out of your hair for days.


  1. I didn’t even notice the person in the photo until you pointed it out. Those hills are massive. I love your photography.

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