Friday Photo: Sapodilla Bay, Providenciales

We’re supposed to get between 2 to 30 inches of snow today and tomorrow. Whatever the number is, it’s going to be cold. Hopefully this Friday Photo warms you up a little.

This perfect little beach is on Sapodilla Bay in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Just like the other beaches on the island, the water was clear and calm, the sand was white, and there was no one around except for the occasional fish or conch.

The real noteworthy point in all of this is that the beautiful house you see on the right is for sale. Imagine if this ocean was your view right now instead of whatever’s going on outside. (Imagine that we’ll be best friends forever if you buy it, too.)


  1. Hello Hillary, the photo which is post on your blog is very marvellous. Actually my uncle visited this island and he liked it very much and he told me that Providenciales is full of natural beauty and I should go there at least once in my life to forget all my worries and tensions. And literally after seeing this photo I also feel that ‘when I visit this beautiful place?’

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