The Hoover Dam


After a few days eating, drinking, and conventioning in Las Vegas, it’s generally time to get out of the city. Las Vegas started out as a water stop on the wagon trail and grew into a very welcome relief from…

The Last Closing Bell Of The Year


It’s a dilemma that mankind has been asking itself since Year One: What should we do for New Year’s Eve? I’ve done Times Square. I’ve done house parties and apartment parties. I’ve done the ubiquitous $100 open bar events. I’ve…

Christmas in New Jersey


So as it turns out, people love to read about holidays. I thought I would bore you all with Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I’ve gotten more emails and comments about these posts than anything else. Granted, one of them was…

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks


I’ll go straight from Halloween to Thanksgiving. (That’s how it felt in real life anyway, right?) Besides, that picture of me from Halloween is freaking people out. I’ve learned to appreciate Thanksgiving the most by seeing it from foreign perspectives…

The Manhattan Halloween Project


I don’t think there’s a more fun time to be in New York City than Halloween. This is such a creative and enthusiastic city, and in general, each year I’m more and more impressed. What was I this Halloween? Well,…

The Perfect Fall Weekend


We haven’t had much of a fall season the past few years. Burning hot Septembers went straight into freakish October snow flurries and then the rain went straight through until winter. This year, we had the full effect: perfect crisp weather,…

4th of July Weekend


What do you get when you combine 16 people, four dogs, several explosives, and a secret mission? It sounds like the premise of an action movie, but the correct answer is: my 4th of July weekend. My dad’s side of…

How to Photograph Fireworks

how to photograph fireworks

Instead of a Friday Photo this week, how about several photos and a mini photography lesson? f/5 | 1/250 second | ISO 6400 I was writing about the 4th of July weekend in Virginia and I had so many firework…

Friday Photo: Stay Puft


You know what’s even better than having the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suddenly appear on a building in my neighborhood? Watching people’s reactions when they turn the corner.

Virginia Wildlife

seamus on the chesapeake

A few weeks ago, I decided to take a last-minute road trip to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to visit my dad. I had a few days in between deadlines and meetings, so on a Wednesday morning I packed Seamus…