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Friday Photo: Bienvenidos a Miami


Hello from sunny Miami, where it’s 90 degrees and 1,000,000% humidity. (Seamus’s fur is puffing up.) I’m spending the long weekend visiting my family and relaxing on the beach. May your Memorial Day weekend bring you lots of sunshine and…

The Beaches of Acadia National Park

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

If I showed you this photo out of context, where would you assume it was? Probably not Maine, right? I was surprised to see how many beaches were in Acadia National Park. Well, officially there’s only one: Sand Beach. (That…

Road Trip: Biloxi, Mississippi

biloxi beach

When I arrived in Biloxi, Mississippi, the mid-afternoon sun started to give way to some ominous-looking clouds. The original plan was to explore the beach that afternoon and then visit nearby Gulfport the next morning. (That’s not exactly how it…