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How to Photograph Fireworks

how to photograph fireworks

Instead of a Friday Photo this week, how about several photos and a mini photography lesson? f/5 | 1/250 second | ISO 6400 I was writing about the 4th of July weekend in Virginia and I had so many firework…

Friday Photo: Stay Puft


You know what’s even better than having the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suddenly appear on a building in my neighborhood? Watching people’s reactions when they turn the corner.

Friday Photo: Cezanne’s Studio

cezanne studio

Bonjour from the French Riviera! This Friday Photo is coming to you straight from my phone in Aix-en-Provence. This is the front door of Paul Cezanne’s studio. The inside is exactly like he left it, complete with his coats and…

Friday Photo: Swimming With Sharks

Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay

If you look down anywhere off the 365 cays of the Exumas, you’re likely to find some kind of creature. The water is crystal clear, which means you can see every conch shell, starfish, stingray, turtle, lobster, fish… and shark.…

Friday Photo: Driving in Ireland

Irish country road

When people tell me they want to drive around Ireland on their vacation, I show them this picture – or any number of pictures I have that look exactly like this. This is a typical small-town, two-way Irish road. Oh sure,…

Friday Photo: Mojave Desert Shadows

Mojave Desert Shadows 2

Introducing… Friday Photo! I have so many photos that never make it to posts, so I thought I’d introduce a weekly Friday photo segment. I wanted to use this picture from January for the first ever installment because at first…