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Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction in Hoboken

flooded street

It’s shocking to see your neighborhood change dramatically overnight. It’s even worse when that change involves damage and destruction everywhere. Halfway through the week, Alan and I decided to go back to Hoboken and see if our apartment was still there.…

Being Forced to Travel: Mandatory Rationing

closed no power sign

I never thought I’d have to travel just to find the essentials. In another chapter of the “being forced to travel” book (apparently a manuscript produced by Hurricane Sandy, Inc.) comes something we’ve only read about in history texts: rationing.…

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy broken tree trunk

Here in the Northeast, we don’t get a lot of natural disasters. Sure, in the past couple of years we’ve gotten hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods, but they weren’t devastating. They were just freak weather occurrences that managed to lull…